Express News | Incentive to the Cinematographic Production and Audiovisual

quinta-feira, 11 de outubro de 2018

There are available 30 million euros, in the scope of the Tourism and Cinema Support Fund, to support the cinematographic and audiovisual productions, which contribute to the promotion of the international position of Portugal, through the Incentive to the Cinematographic Production and Audiovisual.

Beneficiaries Entities:

Entities outside Portugal and member of any European Union Member-State or in the European Economic Area are eligible to require the admission to the benefit since the ICA, I.P (Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual) ensures to those entities a form of registration of a non-resident European company and without branch in Portugal in the “Registo das Entidades Cinematográficas e Audiovisuais”.  

Typology of Eligible Projects:

  1. Cinematographic feature-lenght film, fiction, documentary or animation works;
  2. Audiovisual works of independent production in the following types:
  • TV movies;
  • Unified TV documentaries;
  • Animation specials for television; and
  • TV series.

      3. Works of fiction, animation or documentary, unitary or in the form of series of episodes.

Rates and limits of support:

Base rate of 25% and maximum de 30%, with maximum limit of 4,000,000 euros by project, as rule.

Eligible Expenditures:

  • Remuneration of the staff allocated to the production of the work as well as fees of service providers, provided that they are taxed in Portugal ;
  • Goods and services provided by firms with office, effective management or permanent establishment in Portugal; and
  • Development ´s expenses of the project performed in Portugal in the twelve months before to the presentation of the requirement to the benefit of the Incentive, provided that they are properly incorporated in the budget and accounts of the project.

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