The Audit department at Baker Tilly is composed of professionals specialized in accounting, financial business risks, and internal control practices and procedures, capable of meeting our clients' needs for quality and precision.

Our services validate the accuracy of financial information disclosed by organizations as defined statutorily and by applicable legislation. We ensure the correct application of current standards and legislation, as well as the quality of the internal control system and the continuity of operations.

An audit is a highly valuable exercise for protecting your company. It provides a unique opportunity to review not only your business's finances but also its systems, controls, and operations.

Currently, we also have a specialized team in the area of Governance Risk and Compliance that conducts audits related to (i) internal control, including compliance with Notice No. 3/2020 from the Bank of Portugal and the independent audits required by this regulation, and (ii) money laundering and capital, including the effectiveness tests necessary for the issuance of the Prevention and Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Report or special audits in this field resulting, for example, from the issuance of specific determinations by the Bank of Portugal. The team also performs consulting work related to these topics and risk management and Compliance according to the needs of the clients.

Our audit approach is characterized by clear and timely communication and pragmatic problem-solving. You can expect an effective and robust audit from our auditors, who will challenge the status quo and provide constructive feedback and recommendations to develop your business. We will also update you on relevant financial reports and inform you of legislative changes.

By using the latest tools, techniques, resources, and audit procedures, we provide robust audit services, adhering to the highest standards of independence, ethics, and professional objectivity through the application of excellent techniques. As part of our strategy and commitment to continuous improvement, the quality of audit performance and delivery to our clients is regularly assessed.

Our services:

Photo of Paulo André
Paulo André
Managing Partner & Audit