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Changes in tax and parafiscal matters have a significant impact on organizations, increasing personnel costs and reducing net income for employees.

Faced with a competitive and ever-changing labor market, we provide our clients with a wide range of support, seeking to identify and structure salary plans that are appropriate to the duties performed by each employee, including ancillary remuneration.

It is therefore essential to identify remuneration alternatives that are fiscally efficient, allowing us to maximize the net income of employees and, on the other hand, minimize personnel costs.

In this context, and given the constant evolution of employees' needs, we also support organizations in designing and implementing flexible social benefit plans.

Workers' needs evolve throughout their lives, depending on their age and personal situation.

The benefits and compensation provided by companies must be adjusted according to the needs of those for whom they are intended.

The planning of benefits and compensation makes it possible to reconcile the financial and fiscal advantages for the company and the workers, with the possibility of reducing the efforts of the human resources department and increasing worker satisfaction.

With the implementation of a flexible benefits plan:

It is the company that decides the cost of the benefits to be awardedEmployees choose the benefits according to their needsAn increase in the cost of benefits can be absorbed by the employeeIncreased tax and parafiscal optimization for the employee and the companyFree choice of benefits available in the plan by the employeesThe company's financial effort is clearly perceived by the employees.

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Tiago Almeida Veloso
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