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We understand that you seek a competent external supplier, with adequate resources, well-trained personnel willing to accept challenges, with flexibility to adapt to the requirements of the company and project and with technical knowledge of local accounting and taxes.

The BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) department of Baker Tilly has professionals specialized in finance and accounting, tax compliance and human resources areas, being able to fulfil the quality and accuracy needs of our clients.

Additionally, the international network of outsourcing specialists of Baker Tilly International allows us to acquire the knowledge and to be prepared for the analysis of specific and diverse issues, rendering support in an adapted approach to each particular client, and covering all accounting and other related tasks (personnel procedures, payroll processing, fixed assets procedures, financial reporting, etc.).

Our services:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Financial reports

When implementing our outsourcing projects, we put into practice our methodology based on the best global practices in the Finance and Accounting and Human Resources Outsourcing Services (BPO – Business Process Outsourcing), as well as in the proven experience of our professionals in similar projects.

Our teams are structured according to the specific needs of each client and project, it´s complexity, volume of work, structures of our clients organizations and the required needs and outputs. We emphasize the quality control process to ensure to our clients not only the reliability and accuracy of the information, but also to ensure our intervention to identify and to propose improvements to processes and procedures. Therefore, we believe to be enabling to perform more efficiently and effectively non-core features within organizations.

Our local specialists work together to deliver proactive global solutions for our client's thorough knowledge of tax law and practice in their country.

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