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Microsoft Power BI, the “compass” of the executives, which guides the decision making through strategic insights.

Baker Tilly and Visual Thinking establish partnership for the development of the Business Intelligence, with Microsoft Power BI technology , to support Management in smarter and more efficient decisions-making.

By creating this new construction service of Dashboards with monitorization in useful time supported by Microsoft's Power BI technology, it becomes possible:

  • Monitor the business and make sustained decisions;
  • Increase productivity;
  • Obtain critical information, in a simply and quick manner.

Business Intelligence will boost and revolutionize the information control function and information report, since it provides, at any time, Financial and Operational critical information, with a view for the future of the operations.

The traditional models of reporting in Excel, with irrelevant and out of date historical data, are replaced by information that is critical to decision-making, in a world of constant and rapid evolution.

It's time to move the data reporting to Power BI.

SAFT Board is one of our services that solves your problems:

  • Transform SAFT files into valuable information;
  • Unique source of information for your reporting;
  • Your business reports at the click of a button;
  • Know your customer flow;
  • Track your numbers from your SAFT files;
  • Control your global sales volume;
  • Analyze homologous variations effortlessly;
  • Explore your TOP Sales by customer, product, city and country.
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