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Baker Tilly has several years of professional experience in economic and financial interpretation of litigations and disputes contractual and legal relations, namely commercial, sectorial, partnership, mismanagement, bankruptcy or fiduciary and personal/family. 

Our activity includes an extensive work in valuation and determination of damage, losses, asset misappropriation and responsibility quantification.

Thus, we stand as complementary partners before litigants, regulatory authorities and law firms, acting as experts within  the scope of litigations and commercial conflicts resolutions, in order to create value for our clients throughout the negotiation, trial and arbitration.

We provide an economic and financial complementary approach, often crucial in disputes resolutions, acting as:

  • Independent experts assigned by either both parties or court decision;
  • Independent experts assigned by one party;
  • Economic and financial advisors of one party;
  • Support to law firms, without direct contact with final client.

The importance of experience in valuations

Litigation services are closely linked to knowledge and experience in diverse valuation techniques, which are usually fitted to each specific process.

Throughout a valuation process, national and international benchmarking should always be resorted to, in order to conclude about a certain business plan’s viability, whit a critical and grounded opinion on it.

We adopt several methodologies to determine the value of an asset, resorting to which one better suits the kind of asset/business and its stage.

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